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 Director-general Profile

Wun-Yan Lin director photo

* Name: Lin, Yen-Wen
* Examinations passed:
- 1978 Government financial administration personnel examination, tax group
* Department of Law, Chinese Culture University
* Taipei National Tax Administration, Ministry of Finance-Revenue Officer, Chief
* Ministry of Finance- Executive Officer, Auditor
* National Tax Administration of north Taiwan Province, Ministry of Finance-
Auditor, Chief, Branch Director, Chief Secretary
Governance philosophy:
* The pursuit of perfect service quality and the creation of tax revenue growth.

Local tax Bureau of Taoyuan County is to carry out tax collection tasks for local taxes in Taoyuan County.With rapid environmental changes, quickly updated information technology,and the requirements of thepublic for faster, more diverse, and more convenient service,tax-related works should advance accordingly in order to improve service quality and create a premium tax environment. Upholding the philosophy of "providing tax service with love and care," the bureau keenly cares for the needs of the people and resolves their tax problems. With incentives from Airport City, Taoyuan MRT and other major public constructions, the tax revenue has hit a10-year high, and the county’s tax services received the fifth "Best Government Service Quality" award from the Executive Yuan.

On December 25, 2014, the county officially upgraded to a municipality so governmental affairs entered a new era. We had dynamically explored sources of revenue, maintained tax fairness, improved the ratio of the county's own financial resources, and supported the needs of the county government. Moreover, the council had adopted the "full participation, active care" approach to enhance the integration of services across agencies and actively developed innovative e-service plans to achieve "good service, excellent quality, and taxing harmony," and moved toward "the pursuit of perfect service quality and the creation of tax revenue growth."

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